The older I get, the more I appreciate the old way our society used to do things. While modern technology is indeed amazing, a significant amount of value is lost in the pursuit of keeping costs low and profits high.

Over time, we forget valuable information from the past.

Occasionally, when the need arises, someone discovers knowledge that was forgotten for decades, and brings it back into the forefront of public knowledge.

This baby formula recipe from 1960 is one such example.

If you happen to read this and know someone who is struggling to find formula, this information could quite literally save their child's life. Please download and share to as many people as possible.


A reader noted that the above recommendation was made by one Dr. Spock, and was combined with a strict regimented feeding schedule to avoid "spoiling" the child by feeding on demand.

Further research indicates the Karo syrup (corn syrup) was intentionally added to ensure regular bowel movements with feeding with the understanding that an infant cannot properly digest condensed cow milk. There also tends to be a significant amount of sugar added to the condensed milk.

The healthiest choice overall would be to nurse an infant, and on the infant's schedule (nurse on demand). Not everyone is able to do so of course, but it will lead to the best health and development of that child.

If nursing is not possible, the second healthiest alternative would be to use raw goats milk from a small local grass-fed herd. I understand that for many people neither of these options are viable, therefore the above recommendation is made primarily as an alternative to store-bought formula (which in my opinion is not very healthy at all) in the hopes that it might help prevent some infants from starving to death.

Please be aware that I am not an expert on baby nutrition and therefore any information I share should be treated as suspect. Due diligence is always the reader's responsibility, whether they choose to perform it or not.

Addendum #2: