It should be pretty apparent by now that the entire world is in the process of undergoing "the Great Reset", where "you will own nothing, and you will like it." One of the elites' primary goals is to follow the Georgia Guidestone's recommendation to reduce the world population from nearly eight billion people to around five hundred million people. To accomplish this goal, around twelve out of every thirteen people need to die without being replaced by a new human being born.

Enter the fake plandemic (round one) where they successfully tricked the majority of the population into giving up their freedom and autonomy in order to survive a "lethal" virus with over a 99% survival rate. Yes the leftists will argue about the potential long-term health effects of getting COVID-19 but statistics appear to confirm that the vast majority of people who do not already have five or more co-morbidities not only survive but bounce back from the illness none the worse for wear. This is only now being reported by the mainstream media.

The fake plandemic then provided the necessary reason to attempt to force, scare or otherwise coerce the entire population into becoming lab rats for the largest genocidal procedure ever performed in world history. To a certain extent it succeeded, though thankfully not as much as the "elites" had hoped for. What folks are still slowly coming around to realizing is that they have been duped into receiving an untested experimental mRNA therapeutic mislabled as a "vaccine" that is slowly killing the able-bodied youth of our world with a wide variety of previously unheard of illnesses in their age groups in the form of liver damage, heart damage, brain damage and more. As of yet, no mainstream outlets are willing to admit that the clot-shot is the cause and is even going so far as to make up the most retarded sounding excuses in a pathetic attempt to run interference.

Those who have not died from their experimental jab are now sterile. It appears they have not yet realized this fact based on their reaction to the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. Because they are sterile they can no longer reproduce, therefore making it harder to offset the number of deaths resulting from the clot-shot.

Folks have been poisoned by the water supply, misdiagnosed with an illness that had all the symptoms of the common cold, murdered by medical malpractice and forced use of ventilators which should have been only used as a last resort, and allowed themselves to become guinea pigs, all in the course of about two years time. They still have not figured out what has been happening to them yet.

The "elites" look down upon the general public, but not exactly the same way as the average person looks at ants in an anthill. The average person looks at ants in an anthill and pays them no mind. The "elites", however, are sick in the head, and they want the general public to suffer. Much like a psychopathic murderer in training who enjoys tormenting ants with a magnifying glass so they can watch the ants panic, try to put out the fires and then die without ever knowing what killed them, the "elites" are tormenting the general public in much the same way.

The "elites", however, are fucking retarded. What they have apparently forgotten is that while the general public is indeed prone to manipulation, and tends to be clueless of the larger events taking place in the world, shaping their future, there are a significant number of people who not only do see what is happening, but they understand it, and they also understand who is responsible.

If you have ever accidentally stepped into an anthill filled with swarming red ants, you already know what I'm talking about. I'll leave it at that.