I need to preface this with a general statement that as of 2021, anyone who still believes anything the mainstream news pundits claim on any topic and without question is irredeemably brainwashed and unlikely to ever wake up to the truth. For your own sanity, I would classify these brainwashed individuals as a lost cause until they prove otherwise.

I also would like to state for the record that anyone who was put into a rock and a hard place, where they were coerced in some fashion either by their employer or some other agency and have dependents or were too busy with multiple jobs or some other extenuating circumstances made it impossible for them to make an informed decision and they received the jab against their will; all people in this category were illegally coerced and should seek a lawyer immediately to begin suing all responsible parties for damages, if for no other reason than to provide for their dependents should the worst occur.

However, there is another camp that I would like to discuss, the one that has put it's full faith into a new cult known as "tHe sCiEnCe" with the top-ranking figurehead of one St. Anthony Fauci (the Liar). These are people who have wholeheartedly surrendered their critical thinking, their common sense, their due diligence, their personal responsibility and accountability to their cult. If they are given their way, they will drag all of us down into the pit of darkness alongside them. If you have any desire to survive this global apocalypse, you must avoid this at all costs.

For those wondering why there is a significant portion of the population utterly obsessed with keeping masks on everyone, including small children, at any cost, you need to remember the original narrative that was given to establish the mandates. The narrative was not, "Wear a mask or you are going to die." The narrative was much more effective than that.

"If you don't wear a mask, you are going to kill your mother, your father, your grandparents, your aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. You will kill everyone you ever cared about. Do you want to be responsible for their deaths?" Even though masks made and still make absolutely zero sense, these people did not want to take that risk. They didn't want to be guilty of killing people they cared about.

Then these same people who had fully dedicated themselves to the cause of protecting their loved ones by wearing masks all the time, in the pool, in the shower, alone in their car, etc, started to see people in public who were not wearing a mask. This enraged them. "How dare they!" they cried in their best Greta accent. "These anti-maskers are MURDERING the people I care about!"

It's literally that simple.

Now replace the mask with the experimental mRNA therapeutic injections authorized by the FDA under emergency use only.



Tell me, exactly, the specific conditions that constitute an actual emergency and therefore requires their use?

I'll wait.

Why did people fall for this? Because many of these same people panic when their child has a fever of 99 degrees Fahrenheit and rush their precious child into their local Emergency Room, potentially the worst possible place to bring a child with a weakened immune system. To them, an emergency covers a large volume of scenarios that one might encounter in daily life. To them, an emergency is a situation where they might get sick from a supposedly deadly virus despite the lack of any data to back up that claim.

These people will likely be dead within the next three years due to a wide variety of injuries caused by these same experimental injections, including heart, neurological and breathing related conditions that are not treatable and also lethal.

These people have been given a terrible lesson in personal responsibility, one they will not be likely to survive. Regardless of whether they learn from it or not...will you?