On May 6th, 2022, President Donald J. Trump publicly endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz to run for the Senate in Pennsylvania as a candidate for the Republican party. On that day, Dr. Oz spoke to the crowd before President Trump's arrival.

Direct link to the above video: Dr. Mehmet Oz Full Speech at President Trump Rally in Greensburg, PA 5/6/22

Most notable were the following statements made by Dr. Oz at around the 3:00 mark of the above video:

“They were spraying things that could hurt our kids.”
I went to war with big tech. You know why? They were selling children online. And it was legal.”

The reader may or may not already be aware that Dr. Oz has historically promoted transgenderism, going so far as to feature an 8 year old on his show and promoting surgery. This has lead to the MAGA movement's confusion over why President Donald J. Trump would want to promote someone who has historical leanings toward leftist idealogies for the Republican party.

It is worth noting that Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Turkish-American, born in Cleveland to Suna and Mustafa Oz, who were from the Konya Province in Turkey.  In and of itself, that means little, unless you take the current Ukraine/Russia crisis into consideration and understand the root behind Russia's actions over the past months.

Russia's claims are that it wishes to halt the encroachment of NATO upon it's borders.  NATO's military forces, at this time, appear to be controlled by Turkey. As of May 13th, President Erdogan has publicly stated that Turkey does not support Finland and Sweden joining NATO. It is also worth noting that Turkey is one of several countries in the world where slavery is still legal.

To touch upon the "woo" aspect of what is also going on here: I believe that regardless of whether "Oz" is Dr. Oz's real name or not, it is a form of code and also an in your face reference to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Our world has gone mad in any number of ways, and I think it's safe to say that we're not in Kansas anymore, thanks to CERN and other manipulations performed by whoever is pulling the strings. I also believe that Oz may be a reference to The Secret of Oz by Bill Still, which is all about the central banking system and its impact on the world economies.

Bill Still: The Secret of Oz

President Trump has a history of pushing people into the spotlight for reasons that may not immediately be obvious. Dr. Fauci would be one such example. No doubt Dr. Oz is being promoted for any number or reasons, and I cannot claim to know the mind of President Trump. All I do know is there is more going on behind the scenes than any of us fully comprehend.