"Get out of the cities."

I've seen this statement many, many times over the past two years and I think it is one of the most important warnings for people to pay heed to. I understand many simply do not have the means to leave, but over the course of the spring and summer months of 2020 it should have become very obvious that cities, particularly Democrat run cities, had become increasingly dangerous places to live and that situation was unlikely to improve. That meant that by now, people have had at least 18 months to try to find a way out. Even those who waited to see if Trump would invoke the Insurrection Act have had all of 2021 to work on moving. Those who chose to remain, remain in grave danger.

Since the Biden administration took office, all official counts of the number of immigrants pouring through the southern border without any checks whatsoever have been poor estimates at best, and outright falsehoods otherwise. It goes without saying that a significant percentage of these immigrants have a violent criminal past. A significant percentage were flown in without any background checks, directly from Afghanistan. All have been sent by plane and bus to all parts of the country under the cover of darkness.

The purpose behind this is all too clear. Their job is to replace American citizens in the form of a great purge, securing the vote for the Democrat party in all future elections. During the President Trump Save America Rally, for a second time our country has been warned about what is coming by President Trump. While he does not spell out what is to come, I think the message is quite clear. Is anyone listening?