I didn't even want to waste the time writing this because honestly, who even gives a fuck at this point?

Oh you do?

Here let me summarize.

Joe Rogan is and has always been a liberal tool.

He is owned.

Joe Rogan may look like a tough guy and have a history of being a tough guy in the ring, but at the end of the day he is a willing slave. He has given up his right to be honest in exchange for money. He says and does whatever his handlers tell him to say and do. He will never take Rumble up on their $100k offer.

When the chips are down, Joe Rogan will never willingly stand up to do and say what is right. If he did, his days would be numbered, and he knows it. He's too much of a coward to risk such a thing.

If you hate me for stating these things, it's because I'm telling the truth and you don't want to admit it.